Cheshire Yogurt

Cheshire Yogurt is delicious. I could leave it there and say go and try some and you will never buy any other yogurt but I will also tell you a little bit about it! The yogurt is made in Tarporley (roughly 4 miles from where I grew up). It is made with milk from Tiresford Guernsey Gold cows. They are a beautiful golden cow and the milk they produce is deliciously rich, sweet and creamy. This means the tasty yogurt produced is free from sugar (yay!).The yogurt is naturally low in fat due to using wholemilk and the live ingredients are good for the tummy (more reasons to try this great yogurt!).

The yogurt is made by Andrew and Sue Hope with the help of their sons John and Peter. They have spent time developing the breed alongside the late John Posnett and continue to grow both the herd and their products. While doing this they are sensitive to the traditions and values of the unique Guernsey Breed.

If you haven’t already tried Cheshire Yogurt and you are lucky enough to live in Cheshire then head to the Food Assembly and get yourself some. You won’t look back!

The Anglesey Paper Company


My next supplier is (unbelievably for me!) not a food supplier. Based in North Wales Mandy and Andy started out selling beautiful handmade Lotka paper from Nepal. When Andy once mentioned how lovely the paper would be as a lamp an idea was formed. Now they hand make the lampshades that you will find all around 80 Watergate Street.

The paper is all handmade in Nepal, it is both fair and ethically traded. Mandy and Andy are now friends with their Nepalese suppliers and this is reflected in the quality of the paper. The paper is then made into lamp on Anglesey. They also make their own wooden bases found on some of our lamps.

Not only can you use these beautiful lamps when you come and stay you can also buy some beautiful git wrap to take home with you. Or why not purchase some of the beautifully crafted pencils which help support women in Nepal. If you would like to look at their range or maybe buy a lamp then check out their website at

Thanks Mandy, Andy and team, they really finish the look of 80 Watergate Street.



Keeping it local…

For the next few blogs I am going to focus on some of the amazing local producers that I use at 80 Watergate Street. This week the blog focuses on our jams, marmalades and curds.

Our jams, marmalades and curds are supplied by the wonderful Cheshire Chutney Company. Started in 2011 due to demand from their own café for people to be able to buy their produce they have been expanding and developing their range ever since. Nick develops the tasty recipes while Jill sets out and sells to businesses like me! They now have a production kitchen where the jam is handmade each day.

My personal favourites are their High Dumpsy Dearie jam, a kind of windfall jam I suppose made with apples, plums and pears. It’s a delicious jam which I love to put in the middle of my cakes. Not to be missed at breakfast is their Chocolate Curd. Like a deluxe version of Nutella, it’s amazing on hot buttered (yes I realise the butter is unnecessary but when your on holiday!!!) white toast. One final one to mention is the amazing Vintage Orange Marmalade, it’s made using molasses so it has a deeper colour and a more intense flavour. It’s the best!

You can buy a jar to take home with you next time you stay or alternatively visit their website here…

4 Star Gold!

I have now been up and running for a few weeks. The change from having no guests to sharing my house with people has been exciting (if a little scary). The most exciting development this week was an overnight guest I had who turned out to be the AA Inspector!! After serving his breakfast and tidying up he appeared to pay his bill and to present me with his card. I am pleased to announce that he liked what he found. I have been awarded a 4 star gold award for the bed and breakfast which I am very chuffed with. He only had a few suggestions such as to put a sign outside to make it easier for you all to find me, which is now on the way.

4 Star B&B Landscape

I am excited about the week ahead and this weeks new arrivals. It will be a busy weekend as Chester gears up for the races this weekend. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we can all enjoy some sunshine down at the racecourse.



The House

80 Watergate Street has been an 18 month trial to get to the stage that it is at now. Having completely underestimated the size of the job it has at times been a black hole of time, energy and money! Would I have changed the decision to buy the house and alter it to a bed and breakfast? At times I considered it, however I fell in love with this house on first viewing. From the vintage tiles in the front corridor to the double height window, the enourmous back yard to views over Stanley Palace this house my home. We are now at the end of the building work, painting is finished and furniture is in place. Guests are beginning to book in and in the meantime I am working hard practicing my hosting and breakfast skills on friends and family. I look forward to welcoming you to 80 Watergate Street very soon!