The Anglesey Paper Company


My next supplier is (unbelievably for me!) not a food supplier. Based in North Wales Mandy and Andy started out selling beautiful handmade Lotka paper from Nepal. When Andy once mentioned how lovely the paper would be as a lamp an idea was formed. Now they hand make the lampshades that you will find all around 80 Watergate Street.

The paper is all handmade in Nepal, it is both fair and ethically traded. Mandy and Andy are now friends with their Nepalese suppliers and this is reflected in the quality of the paper. The paper is then made into lamp on Anglesey. They also make their own wooden bases found on some of our lamps.

Not only can you use these beautiful lamps when you come and stay you can also buy some beautiful git wrap to take home with you. Or why not purchase some of the beautifully crafted pencils which help support women in Nepal. If you would like to look at their range or maybe buy a lamp then check out their website at

Thanks Mandy, Andy and team, they really finish the look of 80 Watergate Street.



One thought on “The Anglesey Paper Company

  1. It was a pleasure to be involved in creating interior lighting for your stunning rooms!
    Thank you so much for choosing our Anglesey based company


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