Cheshire Yogurt

Cheshire Yogurt is delicious. I could leave it there and say go and try some and you will never buy any other yogurt but I will also tell you a little bit about it! The yogurt is made in Tarporley (roughly 4 miles from where I grew up). It is made with milk from Tiresford Guernsey Gold cows. They are a beautiful golden cow and the milk they produce is deliciously rich, sweet and creamy. This means the tasty yogurt produced is free from sugar (yay!).The yogurt is naturally low in fat due to using wholemilk and the live ingredients are good for the tummy (more reasons to try this great yogurt!).

The yogurt is made by Andrew and Sue Hope with the help of their sons John and Peter. They have spent time developing the breed alongside the late John Posnett and continue to grow both the herd and their products. While doing this they are sensitive to the traditions and values of the unique Guernsey Breed.

If you haven’t already tried Cheshire Yogurt and you are lucky enough to live in Cheshire then head to the Food Assembly and get yourself some. You won’t look back!

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