Keeping it local…

For the next few blogs I am going to focus on some of the amazing local producers that I use at 80 Watergate Street. This week the blog focuses on our jams, marmalades and curds.

Our jams, marmalades and curds are supplied by the wonderful Cheshire Chutney Company. Started in 2011 due to demand from their own café for people to be able to buy their produce they have been expanding and developing their range ever since. Nick develops the tasty recipes while Jill sets out and sells to businesses like me! They now have a production kitchen where the jam is handmade each day.

My personal favourites are their High Dumpsy Dearie jam, a kind of windfall jam I suppose made with apples, plums and pears. It’s a delicious jam which I love to put in the middle of my cakes. Not to be missed at breakfast is their Chocolate Curd. Like a deluxe version of Nutella, it’s amazing on hot buttered (yes I realise the butter is unnecessary but when your on holiday!!!) white toast. One final one to mention is the amazing Vintage Orange Marmalade, it’s made using molasses so it has a deeper colour and a more intense flavour. It’s the best!

You can buy a jar to take home with you next time you stay or alternatively visit their website here…

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